About Cyril Boisson

Based in Cave Creek, Arizona, Cyril Boisson has had an extensive career as an art advisor. Boisson has completed many exhibits throughout Asia and has worked with art collectors in Europe, Asia, and the United States. His extensive knowledge of Modern and Impressionist art has positioned him as a leader in the field.

Born in 1958, Cyril Boisson is fluent in English and French. He served as the administrator of various private art collections for 18 years and was commissioned by multiple U.S. museums for the sale and acquisition of art. His relationships with museums and collectors have added to his long history in the industry as a judge and organizer.

Cyril Boisson has organized international art exhibits such as the Jacques Crosnier Exhibit, the Western Old Masters Exhibit, the Josep Puigmarti Exhibit, and the Beijing Millennium Art Museum. He also organized the Berthe Morisot and Pablo Picasso Exhibit in Guangzhou, the Josep Maria Subirachs Exhibit in Shanghai, and many more. Cyril Boisson has also acted as an expert for artist Josep Maria Subirachs of Barcelona. Boisson’s extensive experience in organizing presentations of European great master painters at the request of museums in China includes the Salvador Dali Exhibit in Shanghai, the Western Old Masters Exhibit in Hong Kong, the Jacques Crosnier Exhibit in Shanghai, the Josep Puigmarti Exhibit in Guangzhou, the Beijing Millennium Art Museum, the Top Marques Show, the Josep Maria Subirachs Exhibit in Hong Kong, and the Josep Puigmarti Exhibit in Shanghai.

Cyril Boisson completed his education at the Ecole Superieure des Professions Immobilières in Paris, France.


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